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Marketing Strategy Secrets!

This collection of techniques, tools,
and Internet marketing secrets
= A powerful marketing
combination for your work
at home business!

Ad Tracking SuperTips

There is no more critical skill in Internet
marketing online than having the ability to
track the effectiveness of your advertising.

Fortunately, there is an extraordinary
free ebook available, "Ad Tracking
that provides very
valuable and comprehensive information
in this area.

A critical skill in Internet marketing strategy.
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Internet Marketing
Strategy:Develop Your
Own Opt-in Leads

"The money is in the list".

You've heard this observation before, and
you'll hear it over and over because it rings

Instead of buying leads, develop your
own leads.

Marathon Project has a great system that
integrates more than 50 lead capture pages
with 55 customized autoresponders.

Here is a lead capture page that I modified
for my own purposes:

Capture your prospects email address so you can
make more than one attempt to close the deal!

The cost of Marathon Project is a great bargain!

$5 (US) per year, plus $10 per month!!

That's it!

For $10 per month you will get a tremendous
collection of marketing tools including:

  • 50 lead capture pages

  • 55 custom autoresponders

  • Telecenter (phenomenal
    communication and voicemail service)

  • And much more. . .

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Forum SuperTips

Learn how to post at FREE Internet
forums (bulletin boards, discussion
groups) for profit.

The secrets revealed in the FREE
ebook, "Forum SuperTips",
are guaranteed to make your Internet
marketing promotions more profitable.

"Profound stuff".

Powerful and profitable knowledge for
your work at home business. Act today!

Strange & Unusual
Traffic Ideas

Any website you create needs traffic,
and "Trafficology" ezine will provide
you with traffic generating ideas and
techniques that you will not find
anywhere else!

Take advantage of valuable free Internet
marketing promotion secrets that will take
your Internet marketing online efforts to
a new, higher, professional level!

Work from home and be your own boss!

Targeted Advertising

Listing your site on Igaroo will bring
you some of the best targeted traffic
available on the web today.

Igaroo has more than 80,000 Internet
marketing related websites linking to it.

Keep This One A Secret!

This mini-course is so good that I don't really
want the whole world to know about it.

The best information anywhere on how to build
multiple opt-in lists and how to make the lists

Profound Internet marketing strategy!

Work at home and make a ton of money
with these Internet marketing techniques!

FREE Marketing Course

"I took this FREE course when I was building
my first website, and as a result I started
making money immediately!

The author, Ken Evoy, reveals an awesome
level of knowledge concerning Internet
marketing strategy.

Highly recommended for those who are
serious about making a ton of money."

Robert A. Kearse,
Webmaster, 100FreeWorkAtHomeTools.com

The Affiliate Masters Course ebook cover

It is astonishing that information this
valuable and extensive is offered free.
But free it is!! You can order this FREE
10-day course two ways:

By email: Click here!

In ebook format:Download here

Please note: This FREE Ebook is a PDF
file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader
3.0 (or greater) to read this type of file
and a tool to UNZIP it.

Both are FREE. If you do not have Adobe...
Download it:Click here.

TO UNZIP the PDF file:

Windows users need WinZip:
Download FREE "evaluation version"

Mac users need Stuffit Expander (v5.5 or greater)
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(8)Get Your Articles Published Online!

Write articles and offer them free to ezine
publishers and webmasters. Enjoy these
powerful benefits:

  • Huge increase in link popularity

  • Sustained long term traffic to
    your website

  • Increase your page rank at

  • Recognition as an expert in
    your field

  • Ego gratification at seeing
    your name in print all over
    the Internet

This is a link to a paid article submission

The time you save by using this service
more than makes up for the cost.

Best choice for an article submission service. Highly recommended!

(9) Make Big Profits
Through Clickbank

An innovative, powerful way to earn income
on the Internet through marketing ClickBank

No cash needed to benefit from this program!!

An example of the ads displayed in the CBClicks
program is below:

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(10)Great Cash Flow
From Your Website

Promote searches through this search engine and
receive a powerful cash flow!

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When you learn how to
effectively use these ten
valuable resources
in combination, you will
have an Internet
marketing online program
with awesome impact!!


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