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Make Money Online!
Start Your Work
At Home Business With
Tax Torpedo's
22 Power Steps

Start Making Money Online
In 1 Hour Or Less!

These are the best first steps to take
to start to make money online.

Only one of these steps costs any money.

Benefit from:

  • Free-to-join income programs

  • Free training that will last a lifetime

  • Free tools and resources

  • Free advertising

These 22 initial Power Steps are organized into 3 groups:

  1. Free-to-join income programs

  2. Free Advertising

  3. Free Tools, Resources & Training

Income Programs

Work At Home

Know anybody who uses email??? (lol)

Get paid referral fees for recommending
this free email service.

Highly recommended!

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Multiple Sources Of Income!

This program could get you very excited!

If so, you will have no problem advertising
this everyday through The Daily Work Routine,
see #12 below.

The earnings potential in AllSolutionsNetwork is

Start to make money online in 1 hour or less.

Work at home and earn free shares every day!

Three programs in 1 step. First click above:

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You can earn free shares through referrals,
and you can earn by clicking banner ads
and visiting websites.

Tremendous earning potential when you
have numerous referrals and a huge nember
of shares.

Start to make money online RIGHT NOW!

This second program offers a simple and direct
earn per click format. There is a 4 level downline
that gives you the ability to greatly compound
your earnings.

Always log in to make sure you get credit
for clicks!

Double your earnings each day with this 2nd program

This third program combines powerful free advertising
with cash earnings every day.

One of the best free traffic generators on the
entire Internet.

You want to surf every day and visit at least 10
websites per day. Once that is done you can log
in and visit the "paid to click" websites each day.

Very powerful when you develop a large

Work from home and promote these every day.

Two programs in 1 step!


This first program will generate tons of traffic
and hopefully substantial income if you
advertise and promote it regularly.

Do not rely on spillover.

The free advertising steps have been included
for a very sound reason:

Every successful business needs to advertise!

Use the free advertising tools in steps 7-12 to
promote Free Hits Forever, and you may end
up with recurring income forever!

Work at home and make a ton of money online!

This second program could turn out to be the
most spectacular success on the entire

This program World Limited Partnership Program
is unique in its emphasis!

It's likely to get a large number of people very

Get your share of this very excited group as part of
your referral network.

Promote! Promote! Promote!

Make money online with this explosive opportunity!

Make money online because this email account pays you!

This free email account is a recurring income
network rather than the growth income
network in Step 1.

You will get paid on a recurring basis as
members you have referred read
advertisements inside their email accounts.

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Make money online with this paid program.

This step is the only step that costs money.

How much??

$3!! (US)

That's it!

But don't worry, if you can't afford this
amount right now.

These 22 Power Steps have been
designed so that you can take part of
your total monthly income from all the
programs and reinvest it into Success
Team International

These 22 Power Steps constitute a work
at home business.

A natural progression in any business whether it
is online or offline, is to take part of the income
and reinvest it into the business to make the
business grow.

That's exactly the process we want to follow here.

How much you reinvest and how soon is strictly
up to you, since you are the boss and call the

It's nice to be in control of your own destiny,
isn't it?

Anyway, you are in a very, very strong
position since you are able to market an
income/training work at home opportunity that
has no financial barriers to getting started.

That is, all programs, save one, are free to join.

So, if you don't join Success Team Intrnational
today, your first priority in terms of reinvesting
into your business should be at least the $3 fee for Success Team International

I hope this sequence makes perfect sense to you.

Work at home and create a fat bank account with
this program.


Free Advertising

Powerful Free Internet Advertising

Have you ever heard of a successful business that
did not have to advertise??

No such animal.

If you promote this program heavily, over the
long term you will develop massive adertising

There is a 15 level downline that can grow to a
monumental size and help fatten your
bank account in a big way.

FREE advertising with a big punch.
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FREE Solo Ads

You can never have too much advertising
firepower. You can earn effective solo ads
by joininig and being active in this program
and by referring others.

An important part of your free advertising
arsenal. Act Today!

Free Advertising Feed-back Loop

A feed-back loop is where all components
of the loop promote and reinforce each
other in a closed loop.

Use SuperBuzzAds and TrafficSwarm in
a 2 part feed-back loop.

First, you promote your TrafficSwarm url in
SuperBuzzAds. Then, you promote your
SuperBuzzAds url in TrafficSwarm.

Once you have a dozen referrals in your
downline, use Traffic Swarm to promote
your income opportunities.

2 part feed-back loop with TrafficSwarm.

As part of your Daily Work Routine you
want to generate credits in TrafficSwarm
every day.

3-Part Free Advertising
Feed-back Loop

Use TrafficSword to promote AdGizmo.

TrafficSword has to be the easiest to use
effective free advertising program around.

AdGizmo, WebBizInsider, and TrafficSword are
the three components of this free advertising
feed-back loop.

Use AdGizmo to promote WebBizInsider

Use WebBizInsider to promote TrafficSword

WebBizInsider is absolutely the best managed
free traffic generator on the Internet.
It is very valuable to build a downline in this
program since so many of the downline members
are active and creating advertising credits for you.

Be relentless in your promotion of this
feed-back loop. Once your downlines are a
suitable size, then, alternate inserting one of
the income opportunities from steps 1-6.

As part of your Daily Work Routine you
want to generate credits in WebBizInsider
every day.

FREE Multi Level Ad Network

There are certain types of things you should
promote with this type of FREE advertising.

The visitors should be able to take quick
decisive action.

Giving away a free report or free ebook
is a perfect example of what to promote.

Here are two pages I promote on these type
of multi level ad networks:

FREE "Forum Supertips" Ebook

FREE "Ad Tracking SuperTips" Ebook

In order to receive these FREE ebooks
prospects must sign up through a form and
the download information is sent to them
by autoresponder.

YOU can download these two valuable
ebooks and then re-offer them and build
substantial opt-in lists.

So you can build an automated opt-in list
that you can subsequently contact with offers
over and over again.

Over time you can develop MASSIVE free
advertising for your work at home business.
Click here now!

Free Tools & Resources
& Free Training

Daily Work Routine

This is a crucial step!

Knowledge is power.

But what good is knowledge if you don't
apply it??

This Daily Work Routine is where you
apply the knowledge you've gained
from these programs and training and
apply it everyday!

The Daily Work Routine is on an
autoresponder and will come into your
inbox every day when you sign up for

The Daily Work Routine is designed to
help you establish and/or maintain the
discipline necessary for sustained
business success on the Internet.

The first steps of the Daily Work Routine
are designed to generate income so that
you will start each day with tasks that
definitely will put cash in your pocket.

Sound good??

Click here for the powerful, cash generating
Daily Work Routine!

Automated Form Filler

This FREE tool is a one-click web form
filler and password manager with some
serious Artificial Intelligence inside.

Using this tool will save you
lots of time:

  • When you join programs

  • Whenever you log in to any membership site

First visit here. Then see below.

You may want to download version
because it has no 30-day
limit on its FREE use and no limit on the
number of passwords.

Go to this link for the 4.7.3 version:


Look for:

Downloading, upgrading and uninstalling RoboForm

Q: How can I revert to the old version of RoboForm?
A: You can get these older versions:
* AiRoboForm-4.6.8
* AiRoboForm-4.7.3
Click AiRoboForm 4.7.3 to download.

You can sign up for programs in less
than a minute using this valuable tool.

FREE Anti-Virus Software


Did you know that you can get a virus on
your computer merely by visiting an
infected website page??

So an anti-virus program is an absolute
if you are going to be active
on the Internet.

This tool is FREE, top notch, and very

Highly recommended!

Take PREVENTIVE Action! Get this anti-virus protection

Ad Tracking SuperTips

No matter what type of money making
activity you persue on the Internet,
you will need to advertise.

A crucial skill will be knowing how
to test the effectiveness
your advertising.

Fortunately, there is a tremendously
informative ebook, written by Harvey
that is available free, called
"Ad Tracking SuperTips".

Click here NOW for this valuable ad
tracking ebook.


For a comprehensive list of free ad trackers
click here.

Track Your Ads For Effectiveness

Here are two programs with free ad trackers.

TrackThatAd has a great tutorial on
setting up and tracking an ad campaign.

Once you join and log in click on Tutorials from
the top menu. Then click "Creating and understanding

This second program, Profit Rally, has a free ad
tracker plus a host of other free promotional tools
and resources. You can use the promotional page
you just accessed or one of many others.

Also, valuable is "Downline In A Box". Check this
out once you log in.

Make money online with these tools and resources that save you time and give you a professional image.

Best FREE Website On The Internet

Creating your own website has never
been easier!

No experience necessary to create a
professional looking site!

Create Your Own Free Website In
Minutes! ACT NOW!


"HTML" stands for "HyperText
Markup Language".

It is a "coded" instruction to your
browser that tells it how to read
the page.

When I constructred my first website,
I could only use CAPITAL letters for
emphasis, because I didn't know any

After a few months I learned how to
use color and size for emphasis.

I didn't know about websites like
the one recommended here.

This is an excellent free resource
where you will learn how to produce
all of the effects you see on this
website, plus a lot more.

You'll be proud of yourself and what
you can do when you finish this

Very important to learn. But also,
VERY EASY to learn. Click here.

Net Writing Masters Course

Learn How To Build Powerful &
Profitable Websites

Make your website a powerful force
on the Internet
that generates tons
of cash!!

The Netwriting Masters Course is
a FREE ebook written by Ken Evoy, who
is probably the single most successful
marketer on the entire Internet.

His concept of the "Most Wanted
is knowledge that you
must master!!

Powerful and FREE!
Tremendous combination.
Download Today!

Download Guide:

You are about to download a zipped file
Save it to your desktop.

"Save this file to disk" will save to your
hard drive.

After you have downloaded, unzip it.

This will unzip a folder called "Getting
Started" on your desktop (if you do not
change the default location). The folder
contains two files....

1) ReadMeFirst.txt
Please do read this file first -- it will get
you off to a flying start!

2) NetwritingMasters.pdf
This second file will always be the name
of the course.


"HTML" stands for "HyperText Markup

It is a ""coded" instruction to your browser
that tells it how to read the page.

When I constructred my first website, I
could only use CAPITAL letters for emphasis,
because I didn't know any HTML.

After a few months I learned how to use
color and size for emphasis.

I learned to code the website text by hand,
but this method can take a lot of time.

Now I know that there are HTML editors that
will automate much of the time consuming
HTML coding that you will want to enter
onto your website pages.

This free HTML editor is one of the best
available free or paid.

Learn to use it at your own pace.

An essential tool in your work at home
arsenal. Download this now!

Free Autoresponder

One of the most valuable free tools on the entire

This tool will enable you to build your own opt-in
lists, where you will have more than one chance
to sell prospects.

Research The TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter
archives. You will find listed hundreds of free
tools and resources that you can use as free
subscription incentives in order to build your
opt-in lists.

Your prospects can only get the download links or
relevant urls by completing a sign-up form generated
by the Freeautobot autoresponder.

In this manner you will have more than one chance to
enlists propects in all the programs of the 22 steps.


When you mail to your lists, 3 out of 4 mailings
(once a week) should be valuable info that solves
a problem or fulfills a need.

Only 1 out of the 4 messages should be commercial
in nature.

ONLY sending ads to opt-in list members DOES NOT WORK!

Freeautobot has a BROADCAST feature, which means you
can send unscheduled individual emails to parts or all
of your list.


At the appropriate point introduce the Daily Work
and the productivity of your downline
members will soar!

Free Autoresponder = Great Marketing Tool. Click here now!

Free Help For Newbies!

It's amazing how much valuable information
is available free on the Internet!! Visit
this site for:

  • FREE Tutorials

  • FREE E-books

  • FREE Courses

  • FREE Help With Your Computer!

Even if you are not a newbie, it is very
beneficial if you learn the sources of
quality information and can pass that
info on to others.

Newbies can work at home and make money online too!

Applied Knowledge =
Absolute Power!

Start applying this knowledge
each and every day now!

Work At Home
Free Graphics
Free Websites
Tax Deductions
Traffic Exchanges
Work At Home Directory

Making Money Online Was Never So EASY!

SMART Advertising!