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FREE Advertising Networks --
How Do They Work??

All FREE advertising networks have a fundamental structure of multiple levels.

The number of levels is determined by the number of websites new members are supposed to visit in order to join.

Once you join as people sign up under you at various levels a multi level downline is created that can generate monumental levels of traffic to any websites you choose to promote.

The best of the FREE Internet advertising networks require mandatory visits to exisiting members' websites before you can join the network. You have to record a code once you visit a site as proof of your visit.

Some FREE Internet advertising networks have requested visits before you can join the network.

The problem is that some new members may skip visiting one or all of the member websites in the sign up process.

The FREE ad networks on this page are organized into mandatory visits and requested visits categories.

Mandatory visit ad networks are listed first since they are significantly more valuable due to the guaranteed traffic that they produce to member websites.

Free advertising online has never been easier!

Start with. . . .

Mandatory Visits


The duration of mandatory visits by those joining the free web site advertising networks usually lasts 20-30 seconds.

Therefore, it is wise to promote a web page where the visitor can make a quick and easy decision (avoid buying decisions).

Using these networks to build multiple opt-in lists is a very strong strategy.

Giving away a free ebook, free report, or free mini-course works very well.

Make sure you use a sign up form that is generated by an autoresponder.

This way the prospect has to join your opt-in list in order to receive the free report or mini-course or to access the download link for the free ebook.

Need a FREE autoresponder??

Check out easy to use FREE autoresponders on this website.

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This is not a "pure" ad network since it has an opt-in mailing list attached to it.

Look for the AdLink Feature.

If you master the use of these multi level ad networks, the money you'll make from your promotions will be monumental!

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You can choose to promote multiple websites on these ad networks through the use of free url rotators.

Just make sure your ad text contains a generic description.

If you need free rotators, visit:

FREE Website Rotators

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Strong income opportunity!

This ad network will pay you referral fees for recruiting free members.

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(5)Free Viral

6 levels. Very active and widely promoted free ad network.

FREE advertising that works. Join now.

(6)Link Pyramid

5 level free ad network. A new network so promote this heavily. Combine the promotion with AdvertiserPro (#9 below), and you will have two new advertising resources to promote to a receptive audience.

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(7)Program Hoppers

5 level free ad network.

Has a paid upgrade available that maximizes the impact of your advertising.

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(8)Ultimate Traffic System

A very effective advertising strategy is to promote membership in other free ad networks with some of the web pages you choose to advertise.

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Requested Visits


This is a 7 level free ad network. You can promote these type of free advertising programs to safelists very successfully.


You may have technical problems accessing this website.

All of your advertising should be part of a feedback loop where one promotional method feeds into another and becomes self-sustaining.

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This program includes a FREE website.


Click on the banners even if the images are not showing.

You need to have your own website for this ad network.

Plus, you must have uploaded a banner so you can list the URL where it is located such as:


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